23 November 2014

Fairy Lights

Hello, it's me again.I always loved Christmas preparation, decorating our little home and crafting. Today I would like to share my home decor project with you created using Poppystamps 
Cute Cottage die. I am lucky one to design for them.

... and here is my project -  Poppystamps Cute Cottage fairy lights.

You can create this lights too. I have step by step instructions for you. Just scroll down.

1. You will need two differnt colours of cardstock, Poppystamps Cute Cottage die, die cut machine, fairy lights, acetate, double sided sellotape (extra strong) and scissors. 
2. Die cut Poppystamps Cute Cottages using your die cutting machine, cut pink cottage in half and adhere on the white cardstock. Reapet the same for the back wall.
3. Fix on the sheet of acetate and add all windows.
4. Cut and crease small stripe of white cardstock. Reapet to have 4 stripes.
5. Attach them with strong sellotape to conect front wall with back wall as shown.
6. Create as much cottages as you need for you fairy lights.
7. Insert the fairy lights in to each cottage and fix the wire with extra strong tape. (I put in 2 - 3 lights)
8. You are ready to decorate your home. 

If you fancy more inspiration please click here.

Have a nice crafting!


  1. This is a really fab idea! Lovely garland :-) D.x

  2. Wow! This is such a great idea!!! I love the fact that you turned this into a lighted garland, awesome! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Antonella :-)