23 February 2015

My Book Hero

Some heroes become famous and change the world for those who come after them. Some heroes changed the world for one person. Do you  remember your favourite book hero? My one was very special. When I was little, (I mean very very little), my parents bought me a book about Chiodino. A little boy made by his father, very similar to Pinoccio, but instead of wood this little guy was made of iron and metal. 

We have very nice challenge over at Daring Cardmakers

It's Svenja here and I'd like to invite you to take a little stroll down memory lane this week. Do you remember the time when your parents would read a good-night story for you? And then the first books you read on your own? And probably over and over again just because you loved their characters so much... 
I'd like you to create a card to commemorate this time and your

Childhood (book) Heroes. 

So here is my little hero. Friend from my childhood.

Originally Book Le avventure di Chiodino was translated to Slavak language as Srofikove dobrodruzstva.

Have nice beginning of the week.


  1. amazingly beautiful card - that little fella is so cute :)

  2. A very cute - and personal - hero, indeed! Thanks for sharing Chiodino with us :-)

  3. Did you draw your own Chiodino! That's really sweet. Does he become a real boy in the end too?!